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John Morrow hails from Chattanooga, TN, fondly referred to as the “Scenic City” which straddles Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. After memorable stints in North Carolina and a fulfilling life chapter in Lakeland, Florida, John has donned multiple professional hats ranging from radio broadcasting personality to insurance sales and auto claims adjusting. A testament to his professional versatility, he also delved into advertising, teaching, and had a nearly two-decade-long career with a top-tier auto insurance company.

A notable chapter in John’s life revolves around Toastmasters International, an affiliation he’s cherished since 1985. Here, not only did he polish his speaking prowess but also found an avenue to mentor, lead, and inspire. His dedication earned him two Distinguished Toastmaster awards (DTM) and an impressive track record of speeches, leadership roles, and services.

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Drawing from personal trials and triumphs, especially navigating the challenges of Alzheimer’s with his beloved mother, John crafted a powerful core message, “I Never Noticed!” This sentiment extends to his audiences, inspiring them to harness their innate “Nickle Package,” or the Five Senses, and embrace the clues that life subtly offers. His expertise, now sought after by professionals, schools, community organizations, and more, revolves around enhancing sensory skills, promoting Alzheimer’s awareness, and bridging communication gaps, especially with younger generations.

His dedication to personal growth and leadership culminated in the venture “I Never Noticed,” which champions the mantra of living purpose-driven lives. John’s RESOLVE workshops are a testament to his dedication, offering transformative insights to entrepreneurs and business leaders. His unique approach, titled “Transforming Minds & Lives Through Enhanced Observation Skills,” guides individuals to sharpen their observation and listening abilities.

A defining moment in John’s life was his experience with the sudden loss of his beloved wife, Donna, after 46 cherished years. This personal ordeal thrust him into the realm of grief and loneliness, but with resilience and purpose, John emerged, reigniting his “I Never Noticed” podcast and penning his enlightening book, “RESOLVE: A Blueprint for Intentional Success.”

Today, at a vibrant 73, John Morrow is more than just a Professional Keynote Speaker based in Lakeland, FL. He’s a beacon of hope, a testament to resilience, and an advocate for “Imparting Wisdom.” His life’s work serves as an inspiration, urging all to celebrate life by “Living in the NOW.”